Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Surrogate story - Let’s talk surrogacy - A baby not her own: a surrogate's tale

Written by Stacey Ashe

Part One : Let’s talk surrogacy - 

Now, if this terms makes you think of turkey basters, piles of cash, and crazy news stories, you’ve probably seen a few too many talk shows! In reality, there are many people that use surrogacy as an option to have a child, and it’s much less dramatic than people think.

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 The thought of carrying and delivering twins is exhausting, but the idea of carrying those twins and handing them over to another family is emotionally and physically overwhelming. But that's what Charlotte mom Stacey Ashe did - 3 times - as she worked as a surrogate. In this 8-part series, Ashe dispels the myths and and shares the truth about being a surrogate and how someone becomes a mom. To read more....

Part Two: A baby not her own: questions and answers

How much money do you make? And other silly surrogacy questions
Surrogacy is a very misunderstood topic. When people heard that I was a surrogate, I can’t tell you how many times the conversation turned to, “I saw a show about that once….” Let me be the first to tell you, in reality, it’s nowhere near that dramatic Read more.....

Part Three: A baby not her own: the spark
What would make someone want to go through the arduous task of psychological evaluations and IVF, followed by 9 months of pregnancy and delivery of twins....all for someone else? Stacey Ashe shares the motivation behind her decision to become a surrogate in part three of our surrogacy series. Read more...

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Part Four: A baby not her own: picking parents

Questions swirl surrounding surrogacy, and once the obvious ‘wow’ factor has worn off, people are often curious about how a potential surrogate gets matched up with a potential family. Read more....

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