Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Surrogacy for all - Surrogacy India, Surrogacy Nepal and Surrogacy in the U.S.A

Welcome to Wee Care Surrogacy!
Wee Care Partners LLC welcomes you for successful surrogacy in India, Nepal and the U.S.A. As an international surrogacy agency is positioned in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Wee Care the foremost surrogacy agency has helped infertile couples, across the world to fulfill the beautiful dream of welcoming a new addition into their families. Our mission is to provide infertile couple, single, and gay with a surrogacy process based on a personalized approach. Wee Care international Surrogacy and U.S based program offers service at affordable cost, and we provide a thorough understanding of our services offered, based on the requests of prospective parents.

For surrogacy in India, Nepal, and the U.S.A  International and local surrogacy services