Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weecare Surrogacy Review and Testimonials

Surrogacy India - “Victor is a very reliable resource one can trust when they make the trip to India. He has connections pertaining to the medical support, housing, domestic help and he tops it with giving us, the client, his 110% of advice and guidance. I had relied heavily on Victor’s advice before embarking on this trip and continued through the (almost) year-long process. He was always available to take my calls and was responsive via email as well. He gave us a lot of valuable tips pertaining to the US Embassy Processing as well as the Indian FRRO. I personally appreciate all his tips as I went through the processes with the correct set of documents, photocopies, photoes, etc. I believe my time with the authorities and their formalities were cut in half, due to the instructions I followed based on my discussions with Victor. I would recommend him without a second thought to anyone I know.” October 12, 2011!testimonial/c11ac

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Common fertility myths

Having your very own little bundle of joy may not be as simple as the birds and the bees, but rumors make it that much more complicated.
"Everybody knows someone," remarked gynecologist Dr. Eddye Blossom.
He hears misconceptions all the time, because after all, infertility "is a very delicate subject."
One of the biggest myths: You can control your fertility.
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